Hypnotism is Extraordinary Entertainment!

Although Hypnotist and Psychic Entertainer Mark Tripp is fully knowledgeable in modern hypnotherapy and parapsychological techniques, his show is presented for its high entertainment value. Most of your audience have never seen anyone actually hypnotized in person. They will be amazed and delighted to see hypnosis live!

Hypnotism Shows are Suitable for all Audiences!

Dr. Tripp will delight your audience with his highly developed ESP abilities and fun-filled, fast paced demonstration of the powers of hypnotism starring volunteers from your audience. With careful concern for the dignity of his volunteers, Dr. Tripp will amaze your audience with the wonders of hypnotism. The entire show is presented in a light hearted manner for fun. Dr. Tripp makes no claims about the psychic world. The show is presented only as entertainment, and Dr. Tripp has performed this show all over the World!

Hypnotism and ESP are HOT!

With the popularity of such T.V. shows as Unsolved Mysteries, Sightings, Psychic Detectives, The Mentalist, and several others, it is obvious that the public is fascinated by demonstrations of the extraordinary powers of the mind. Mark Tripp will exceed your expectations at your next banquet, convention, show, or corporate event with his ESP and Hypnotism Show. Shows are approximately one hour in length, depending on your needs. The opportunity to see this delightful, fun, and entertaining show is in your hands! Call us TODAY!

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